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Johanna & Jesse



Holistic Education: A better way

By Jesse and Johanna Boudreau

There is a revolution in education taking place here in America. After years of frustration with state-run schools, standardized tests, immunizations, prison style slop in the student cafeterias, fluorescent lit classrooms with uncomfortable seating, not enough physical activity and  stressful overfilled schedules; kids and parents are moved to take education back into our own sovereign hands.

More and more people are turning to alternative modes of education in the form of Montessori schools, Waldorf schools, Charter schools, un-schooling and homeschooling.  The reasons why are seemingly obvious. Though it was once a community endeavor, the education of our youth has taken on the mantle of the corporate global culture. In a typical classroom, only fluoridated water and sugar filled drinks are available to the students to drink, government subsidized low-fat milk and cafeteria slop or fast food is provided for lunch, the students have to sit in uncomfortable classrooms that are poorly lit, and if they are “deserving” they might be allowed 15 minutes of recess (hopefully outdoors). Teachers are overwhelmed by large classrooms full of distracted and poorly nourished students. The teachers themselves, though under paid, are expected to attend meetings before and after school, hold everything together in the classroom, and bring paperwork home with them.

Many studies have been done showing the adverse affects of exposure to these conditions. Poor nutrition has been linked to ADD and autism spectrum disorders and a child’s need for exercise and sunshine can no longer be ignored. Boys particularly need a certain amount of physical activity or they simply cannot concentrate.  Similarly, state mandated immunizations carrying heavy metals are given to the children and have also been linked to ADD and autism. As for light: full spectrum sun light stimulates the rods and cones in our eyes to process stress chemicals in the brain. Fluoride in the water has many harmful effects including the calcification of the pineal gland which is a gland in the brain responsible for synchronization to circadian rhythms,  as well as dreams. Fluoride was developed by the Nazi’s to make the imprisoned Jewish population more docile and controllable. Spending time at school in front of computers and time at home in front of the television further contributes to the calcification and atrophy of the pineal gland. The pineal gland is considered by religious traditions the world over as the spiritual third eye of awakening. physical activity and full spectrum sunlight stimulates the decalcification of the pineal gland and decreases stress.

These states of stress and over excitement are leading to ever declining test scores and an ever-increasing drop out rate. Kids are intuitive  and they know what is good for them and what is not. In a classroom with forty  students, a teacher  can only really reach out to the few students to whom the information comes easily and therefore the students who have difficultly in the subject tend to fall through the cracks. Moreover, everyone has different leaning styles, wishes, dreams, and talents. The public school system seeks to pigeon hole kids into places where they often do not fit. Some people are more inclined and naturally skilled at art while others may excel at mathematics. Both professions are culturally valuable and yet kids have to learn to do it all and often spread themselves too thin to focus on their strengths.

The stress starts at the beginning of the day. Children are roused to wakefulness by an alarm and are scurried off to school  (usually with a scant breakfast). They go all day long, perhaps attend soccer practice, track,  or band after school. For dinner fast food or prepackaged food takes the place of a home-made family meal. This hurried overly filled schedule entrains children to stress,poor eating habits and disconnection from family at a young age. This helps them  be practiced at handling a life full of stress. Now, stress exists and is a beneficial part of living, but entraining to nothing but stress is deleterious to both mind and body. Through our current school system we are simultaneously entraining them to fit cultural institutions, corporate culture, disconnection from the earth, and dog eat dog capitalism.  It is a scientific fact that the neurons that fire together wire together, so perhaps we ought to be mindful of the states to which we entrain ourselves and our children.

For our family homeschooling made a lot of sense. We live in the country and have a home based business. This allows both parents to work as well as connect with and take part in the education of our children . The children have to do reading, writing, and math but then they are free to explore their interests in-depth. My oldest practices the drums and reads at his level for often hours at a time, my middle one who is interested in art and design will draw for extended periods, and my youngest will dabble with things like origami and gardening. Being avid naturalists and gardeners means we spend a lot of time outside playing. We go snowboarding in winter and gardening, wildcrafting, hiking and camping fill our spring, summer, and fall. In this manner education never ends and it teaches the children to trust and understand their selves and nature.

Often people feel that there are no other choices: both parents have to work , there is only one school nearby, not enough money to pay for a private school, etc. However, where there is a will there is a way. Options do exist. Some communities are forming homeschooling cooperatives, trading time teaching kids and working. Charter based Montessori schools are cropping up. In our case we decided it was better to invest our time, energy, and focus on our kids rather than making a little more money. When homeschooling, the amount of time taken working on school work is far less because there are only a handful of kids at most with the teacher (this also makes parent teacher conferences irrelevant because you know the state of your child’s education.) Also, there is not the distraction and hubbub that occurs in a public school. Focus is easier to attain. This means there is often time to work in the garden to augment food bills, to work from home, to catch up with chores, or to simply enjoy time together. Kids can work on exercises, practice music, or clean up after themselves while parents may deal with phone calls, lunches and dishes. Furthermore this also allows time for the children to explore their interest in greater detail and at their own speed. Perhaps the greatest difficulty with homeschooling is finding time for socialization. However many homeschooling play groups exist and there are always afternoons and weekends to play with friends who attend school.

We imagine the world as a learning environment that honors and respects the child, the earth, the parents, and the culture. We imagine a world in which children are entrained to peace, to the understanding of their own minds, to have respect for all, to have integrity, to realized their sovereignty and their creative power… and more than that: to realize their dreams.

Bio photons, electricity in the body, and “chi” in raw food

by Jesse Boudreau

In mainstream western rationalist existence we grow up learning a scant amount of information about how to feed and care for our bodies. We behave, as a culture, as if the body is like a machine that needs fuel and  liquid and that as long you have  solid and liquid fuel with the right amount of nutrients, minerals and chemical compounds you are getting what you need. We regard our food as a lifeless, personality-less, mass of fuel. However, if we look at the world’s ancient cultures we see that our ancestors understood that the plants and animals that become our food are imbued with life, personality, and spirit and that by eating with respectfulness we are absorbing their energies for our continuance.

Chinese character for chi

 Everything in existence emits electromagnetism and carries a subtle electrical current within it. In 1939 Semyon Kirlian developed a method of photography whereby he could photograph the electricity or bio photons that living cells utilize for regulation of biological functions. The ancient Chinese understood this energy to be the chi or life force that animated creation. Indeed we are electrical beings. According to the heart math scientists at Stanford university, our hearts are electromagnetic dynamos that pump out subtle electrical fields far beyond our physical bodies. The heart also relies on electricity to beat. Our brains are  highly electrical organs. Cells utilize electricity to communicate with one another, for cell growth and more.

Raw organic plant foods, and especially raw wild foods, being essentially encapsulated solar energy are high in this electricity. They are also high in water, nutrients, minerals, and enzymes. This is made starkly evident when comparing kirlian photographs of raw foods to cooked foods. The raw foods are buzzing with electricity and the energy in the cooked foods is obviously diminished.

The Chinese believed  that this chi imparted brightness and clarity of thought. I believe this to be true because eating raw food has greatly helped me in this regard.  I believe  all people can use raw plant diets as a tool to recover from both physical and mental dis- ease as well as to achieve a state of health, longevity, and happiness. This simple act of self-love can help us have the creative energy we will need to better ourselves and thereby transform our world.

Meditation: Natural health management for the integrated human collective consciousness

 By Jesse Boudreau

The global trend of competitive, capitalistic, corporate culture that has dominated the consciousness of this  planet has resulted in profound environmental, economic, and individual stress. Stress in any complex system  ultimately leads to the degeneration of that system. In our own bodies we see a reflection of the effects of that stress in the form of migraine headaches, heart disease, cancer. etc.

Perhaps, by looking at our brains and our nervous systems we can find the root cause of stress as well as the antidote to stress itself. Our brains are Bilateral and have two symmetrical hemispheres. The right hemisphere is said to be connected to intuition and creativity whereas the left hemisphere is connected to reasoning and logic.The Brain is connected to a bundle of nerves that run up and down the spine. This whole system is called the autonomic nervous system and is composed of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is connected to stress and our fight or flight response to stress. The parasympathetic is connected to states of calm and well-being.

It is easy to see that as a connected whole, these seemingly opposed systems of nerves and neurons within us give us the advantage of having different tools for dealing with different situations. It would be appropriate to spring into flight if a mountain lion started chasing you. Similarly one would need to have experiences of security and calm to counter balance that experience. Also, having the combined use of intuition and reason gives one the evolutionary advantage of greater brain function and mental clarity

In a society that values and relies on competition and reductionist reasoning, we as individuals entrain our neural pathways to stress and rarely to states of calm. One great way to regain balance and full functioning of our brains is to meditate. This can be done completely free of any religious context. Meditation is simply taking a few minutes a day to sit still and erect, relax and to breath in and out.

Meditation has been clinically shown to increase air flow to the lungs, blood flow, serotonin production and higher electrical activity within the brain. It also reduces PMS symptoms and decreases high blood pressure, muscular tension, and free radical damage. Meditation also harmonizes your endocrine system, enhances immunity, and increases energy and orderly brain function. Basically, It’s like flexing your parasympathetic nervous system. It’s simple and free. Just pick a quiet spot (perhaps outside) sit still and just breathe.

In the field of neural science it has been found that the neurons that fire together wire together. By entraining our inner minds to peaceful states our ability to experience those states more often will increase.So, by flexing that parasympathetic part of our mind it will become easier and easier to find those states of calm and happiness.

Recently, quantum mechanics has brought to light that our brains effect the atomic world with which we are entangled. We therefore have the responsibility to take care of our minds and the thoughts we are broadcasting. By experiencing these states more often we will be quantum broadcasting that intention of calm and peace into creation. When we meet with others that peace will ring through on the quantum level making the probability of peace on earth possible.

Sacred Water’s Alchemical Nature

By Jesse Boudreau

In this day in age, people regard water as simply a chemical amalgamation necessary for life. It is thought that chemically treated or “purified” water is all that is needed to insure the quality of water. However, scientists are learning more and more about the quasi magical properties of water and its relationship to our health.
Water is the only element that can exist in three states; solid, liquid and gas. Water is also the most powerful solvent on the earth. Water has crystalline properties that computer scientists are researching to replace the silicon crystals because water has a greater capacity to store information. It’s a lot like a magnetic recording device.
Dr. Masaru Emoto studied the effects of words, sounds, and intentions on water. In his studies he would  freeze water with specific intentions in the form of words, thoughts, and music. He found that there was a direct relationship between the quality of the intention and the formation of crystals. Positive intentions created beautiful crystal formations, and negative intentions created amorphous irregular crystal formations.  Now take into account the fact that we ourselves are made of mostly water. The Human body is made of 50%- 80% water. It is no wonder people are baptized in “holy water”.  Water is after all, the source from which all life springs. The work of Dr. Emoto would give us good reason to be careful what we say and project on to others and to ourselves.

We are composed of mostly water and the water we drink becomes our blood in a manner of seconds. Considering that water is a powerful solvent, one could see that recycling our waste water (chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cleansers, and everything flushed down the toilet) through harsh mechanical and chemical treatment might not get the trace elements and chemical byproducts out of the water. Furthermore, it destructures and denatures the water we are composed of. Fluoride and chlorine, two toxic and calcifying substances, are added to the public water systems under the auspices of hygiene and dental supplementation. However, these substances only further denature and pollute our water and our bodies. Reverse osmosis water is so pure that it actually leaches minerals and trace elements out of the body. Even the world health organization has recognized the dangers of drinking reverse osmosis water.

One brilliant scientist, Victor Schauberger understood the mysterious power of water. He watched water and observed that water cleans itself though vortices. In a vortex water molecules are spun and restructured. Trace elements are spun off and the water is re-enlivened. He noticed through his observation of water that all life exists through reciprocal systems and that vortices were the structure of such systems. Be it; water in a steam, a tornado or hurricane, or the electromagnetic toroidal field of the earth.

So, what does one do? Tap water is laced with chemical compounds and reverse osmosis water is bad for you. If using tap water use a Berkey filter or other passive filtration to pull some of the unwanted stuff out of the water while retaining the beneficial properties. Then, spin the water into a vortex and say a word of appreciation. Lemon juice also helps to alkalize and balance our water. If using reverse osmosis water, similarly spin the water and give thanks to it but also add a small amount of “sole” made with Himalayan salt for mineralization. Always keep water in glass or ceramic containers so as not to leach plastics and petrochemicals in to it. The water can also be placed in the sun to structure it further. In Europe water is cleaned with ozone which has no toxic effects. There are many solutions but ultimately spring water and well water are the most natural, structured, probiotic and mineralized sources of water. Visit to locate a spring in your area.

The importance of a natural diet, fat, cholesterol, and tonic herbs

By Jesse Boudreau

The rise in popularity  of whole food diets has  spawned various diet fads all purporting to have diet “understood.”  Depending on ones inclination one can choose from the raw food diet, the Rave diet, the Paleo diet, the Atkins diet, and on and on. People the world over in the pre agricultural era ate a mixed diet of predominantly wild plant foods, augmented with gardening, and with meat occasionally when the hunting was successful (with some exceptions like the Inuit who were predominantly meat eaters and African tribal people such as the Masai who eat meat, dairy and blood almost exclusively). When people began practicing agriculture (large-scale mono-cropping as opposed to natural gardening which increases biodiversity and the fecundity of all life; soil, plant, and animal) we began to hoard, create classism, domesticate and over consume animals, and through this action have deforested the earth. Clearing forests to raise grain for human and animal consumption is the main culprit in environmental degradation and our health crisis.  In contrast, the natural way of living and eating can help us restore balance in our bodies, our society, our mother earth and our hearts.

Permaculture food forest

I have been eating a raw vegetarian diet for over two years now and have experienced great healing though this diet. But as time goes on I have come to realize that a strictly raw food vegetarian diet or prescribing any diet for ALL people can have deleterious effects on the people and planet. For instance, my wife over the years has grown five human beings inside her body, had a thin build and cold nature to begin with, and has type O blood. After a few months of eating only raw foods, she began to be able to feel what her body’s needs were and she intuitively felt that her body needed meat. When seen from the perspective of Chinese traditional medicine, which holds that everything we consume as well as our very being itself has a yin aspect and a yang aspect, one can see why she felt this way. Too much of a yang element will cause a predisposition to heat, excess, aggression etc. Similarly too much yin will lead to quiet, cold, deficiency. So my wife, who may be said to be deficient due to childbearing etc., can benefit greatly from the building aspect of meat, dairy, and eggs. I am typically warm, loud, active, and aggressive so raw foods will benefit me inducing a calming, cooling yin type action. If one looks at American culture as a whole, it is easy to see that we are partially in a state of excess. We over consume  everything (including meat), are loud, aggressive, and ridiculously stressed out and busy. That is the reason I feel raw food is of benefit to everyone at this time.  We can, though diet recalibrate and reset our system, so we can then see what it is that we truly NEED.

To state that one diet fits all is preposterous. Our dependence on grain, meat, and chemical industrial agriculture has led us down a road of ill heath for all. The hollow lifeless foods raised on chemicals and shipped from afar have been highly refined and denatured.  The addiction to refined sugar and the overconsumption of unnaturally raised animal foods have also weakened our genetics.  Poorly nourished mothers generation after generation create an ever degenerating progeny.  At this point in time we have created a state of simultaneous excess AND deficiency. What we need to do now is embrace a culture of life that promotes healthy people AND ecosystems by utilizing all the kingdoms of earth (animal, vegetable, fungal and mineral) working synergistically to heal ourselves and the earth.

However beneficial it is to me, my diet of raw foods comes from all over the earth and a great amount of energy is spent in bringing it to me. Food grown naturally and nearby is tastier, more nutritious, more attuned to circadian rhythms inside and outside of us, and utilizes almost no energy in transport. While I personally believe that plant foods are more naturally beneficial to us as organisms, and while I do believe in a spiritually based reverence for all life, I do not think we need a dietary dogma which states that meat should never be consumed. The fact is that  balance increases functionalism in all things.

Factory feed lot

Everyone needs a balance of  good fats and cholesterol as well as leafy greens, fruits and vegetables. The misnomer is that cholesterol and fats are bad for you. I recently watched a film about plant foods being infinitely good for you and that the cholesterol in meat was what was responsible for the major debilitating diseases of our era. It cited the Framingham study which has been cited again and again as the study that proves cholesterol is bad for one’s health. However, this study did not take into account rancid fats, which are the main culprit of ill-health. Forty years later the top researcher of the Framingham study stated that  ” …we found that the people who ate the most cholesterol, ate the most saturated fat, ate the most calories, weighed the least and were most physically active.” Ones own body produces more cholesterol than we typically eat. 85% of the cholesterol needed by the body comes from the liver. The other 15% comes from dietary sources. Low levels of cholesterol can be dangerous to your health. Cholesterol is transported in the blood as a lipoprotein (either HDL or LDL). LDL’s attract free radicals that damage cells. HDL’s gather up LDL’s and carry them out of the body (with enough fiber and lecithin). When cholesterol is oxidized (rancid) those LDL’s can damage arterial walls (as can stress, smoking, and pollution). More Cholesterol, calcium, platelets, and other debris move in to repair the damage. Over time this causes the arterial build up often associated with high cholesterol diets. Another important role cholesterol plays is in the assimilation of vitamin D which, is one of the vitamins we lack most due to having little relationship with the sun as we did in our anthropological past. The body needs sunlight to make vitamin D and it needs cholesterol to assimilate it.

Fats and cholesterol help build the brain and nervous system, sex hormones, cellular health (cells are made mostly out of cholesterol) and are important for full balance and function.  The best fats are saturated fats because they never become rancid (due to their molecular bonds having no place to oxidize) and they have the correct balance of  omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. The best vegetarian sources are coconut oil,  and (pastured or grass-fed) butter. The best animal source is through fish. Vegetable oils are composed of monounsaturated or poly unsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats have one molecular bond to receive oxygen and polyunsaturated fats have two or more molecular bonds for oxygen and therefore easily become rancid. These rancid vegetable oils are seriously detrimental to the health of people as rancid fats create free radical damage in the body. Heating these oils further oxidizes them. The best form of vegetable oils are from fresh raw, sprouted,nuts and seeds which are minimally rancid as they are unheated and in their whole state.

Of all foods the most detrimental are carbohydrates  in the form of highly processed cereal grains and sugar. Carbohydrates send the pancreas into a confusion that imbalances ones insulin production; usually tipping the individual into diabetes. Insulin also oxidizes LDL particles (cholesterol). These oxidized LDL particles attach to the arterial walls creating inflammation and plaque formation. Eating animals fed on grains ( which is not their natural diet) can create a similar effect.

Given that the high carb, chemical produced, preservative and additive rich standard american diet is the norm, raw foods can serve as an excellent remedy for cleansing and providing antioxidants to revitalize the system and repair free radical damage. However at a certain point one needs to rebuild and maintain the body/mind. Cholesterol, and good fats provide that needed building material. Considering the toxic barrage we are all inundated with (in the form of radioactive fallout, lead in the air from burning petroleum, mercury fillings, electrosmog, residues from chemical agriculture, fluoride and chlorine in the water and everything else we are exposed to) we must be aggressive about our health. In traditional Chinese medicine these things are consider “jing leaks” as is eating too many  raw foods (raw foods are yin foods). The Chinese believe that a person has three components to their make up. Jing is likened to the wax of a candle, chi is the flame or light coming from the candle and shun is the ineffable spirit within. If one’s jing is low or leaking than ones’ candle will not burn for long. By utilizing herbs like, reishi , maitake, shitake, and chaga mushrooms, as well as shizandra berry, goji berry, He sho wu, ginseng and gynostemma one can maintain a state of balance even on raw foods only. These “immuno-modulating” tonic herbs instruct white blood cells on how to deal with contamination and help support kidney and adrenal function.

No matter what you choose as a dietary path;  one can live a healthy lifestyle in accord with nature by carefully choosing your foods, insuring ample room for saturated fats, using tonic herbs, and leveraging our purchasing power into healthy and sane practices for people and planet. By so doing, our diets can uplift us and all beings.


                                                                                        Reishi mushrooms

Sun foods, living water, and opening your third eye

by Jesse Boudreau

Over the course of history the human species has been undergoing a steady physical and spiritual degeneration as we have grown farther and farther away from our natural state and our connection to our natural environment. Anthropologists have noted this and call it the gracilization of the species. Our ancestors 20,000 years ago had larger brains and more robust skulls and skeletons than we do today.

Ancient people surely drank clean, structured, untreated, pure spring and stream water and ate a large quantity of raw wild foods. In contrast, today’s human drinks recycled sewer water that has been treated with chlorine and fluoride and, through mechanical and chemical processes, is denuded  of its inherent crystalline purity. The foods we eat are similarly processed with high heat, mechanical processes, and chemical pesticides, preservatives and additives. Dr. Weston Price observed this first hand when he studied indigenous cultures who had adopted refined and processed foods. He found that their teeth began to rot and their health deteriorated from this change in diet. The lifestyle we have adopted as modern humans has had the effect of domestication and degeneration of ourselves.

Through calcification, chlorination, fluoridation, mercury fillings, and the host of toxic chemicals in the environment, a physical change in the human species is occurring. One thing these constituents bring about is the calcification of the pineal gland in the human brain. The pineal gland is a gland in the center of our brain that is responsible for attuning to the cyclical, circadian rhythms of nature. It reacts to light and color and in some reptiles has a cornea and a lens. Rene Descartes believed it to be the seat of the soul and religious traditions the world over regarded it as the third eye of spiritual awakening. Between 1990 and 1996 Dr Rick Strassman completed a study of the naturally occurring and ever-present chemical compound call DMT or N,N-dimethyltryptamine. He posited that endogenous DMT, released from the pineal gland was responsible for spontaneous visions, mystical states, dreams, and near death experiences. Currently cell phone manufacturing companies are studying the micro crystalline structures of the pineal gland in their research on wireless communication as it is believed that the pineal gland acts as a sort of electromagnetic transmitter/receiver.

It seems clear that our modern lifestyle inhibits the function of this important little gland. Luckily there are many ways to break up the calcification of the pineal gland. The method is in the wisdom of our grandmothers. Fresh air, sunlight, clean water, healthful foods, and exercise are some of the best ways to break up this calcification. Oxygenation increases blood flow and metabolism and enlivens the cells enabling spinal fluid, lymph and other bodily juices to flow. One great way to oxygenate the body is meditation or yoga. Also, there are places on the earth that have exceptionally good oxygen. Good clean oxygen is high in negative ions. Negative ions grab dust and junk out of the air with static electricity. Mountain tops, beaches, and places where water is in dynamic movement are all places where one can get readily available ionized oxygen.  Another way to oxygenate the blood is through exercise. Pick your favorite sport and play!

Sunlight is another great way to break up calcification of the pineal gland. Since the pineal gland is sensitive to light, full spectrum light or sunlight can stimulate it. One way to get great sunlight is to sungaze at sunrise or at sunset.  Our ancestors would observe sunrise and sunset with reverence for the day. In the first or last hour of daylight the suns rays are attenuated by the oblique angle at which the sunlight is hitting the earth. This makes the sunlight safe to gaze at if done properly. Begin with 10 seconds and everyday increase your gazing by 10 more seconds until you reach 5 minutes. Some suggest gazing up to 45 minutes. For more information on the subject google H.R.M. He is an engineer and spiritual seeker from India. He posits that the body can utilize solar energy as food. According to his philosophy solar energy is a primary source of energy and raw plant foods are secondary solar energy. Plants convert solar energy into food and enable the plant to grow. Animals then are a third stage of solar energy as they eat plants and other animals to sustain their energy. Therefore eating raw plant foods is a way to obtain this energy in a more direct way.

Raw foods and tonic herbs can play a role in decalcification as well. They contain chemical compounds and a high water content which can neutralize and excrete toxins and calcification. Raw foods are also high in living water which leads us to another and perhaps the greatest decalcifier: fresh living water in foods and living spring water. Fresh spring water from forests is ultra purified crystalline water that has incubated in an aquifer for hundreds or thousands of years. Water is an incredibly hungry solvent and can clean your body free of unwanted bad calcium build ups such as the calcification of the pineal gland as well as bone spurs, arthritis, and other calcification related issues. Be sure to check that the spring has a low TDS count. TDS stands for “Total dissolved Solids” and indicates how calcified or mineralized the water is. For more information go to where you can search for springs in your area or google Daniel Vitalis and spring water to learn more. These tools or technologies are free or cheap to implement and lead to greater health and vitality as well as attuning your spirit to a higher potential. But don’t just believe me… Please research and try these methods for yourself and experience the transformation first hand. Take charge of your health!

Free Raw Recipes




1 head romaine lettuce or 1 package Ezekiel brand sprouted corn tortillas

1/4 cup onion

1 and 1/2 zucchini

1 cup soaked sunflower seeds

1/2 red pepper

1/2 to 1 jalapeno

1 clove garlic

1 cup corn

1 avocado

1-2 tomatoes

1/2 lemon juiced

1 t salt

1 t cumin

Chop and mix ingredients, put mixture into Ezekiel sprouted corn tortillas, and garnish with lettuce, cilantro and raw cheese (optional)


Green Mango Lassi 

2 bananas

1 thai coconut

2 handfuls cashews

3-4 leave romaine, kale, collards, or wild greens

2 bags mangoes

1 t vanilla

1/4 t cardamom

blessed water

Blueberry cherry

2 bananas

1 pk Blueberries

1 Pk cherries 1 handful soaked cashews

4 leaves kale

1/2 t salt

stevia or honey

Blessed water



Thai pineapple and lime coleslaw

1/2 head cabbage finely chopped

1 t salt

1 zucchini

1 carrot

2 cups pineapple

juice of 2 limes

1 jalapeno minced

1/4 cup fresh mint finely chopped

1/4 cup green onions

2 cloves garlic minced

2 T ginger minced

2T honey

2T rice vinegar

1 T turmeric

1 t curry

1/2 cup cashews, pumpkin seeds or jungle peanuts

First finely chop the cabbage by hand or in a food processor with the s blade. Then add the salt and message the cabbage vigorously. (this neutralizes thyroid effecting goitrogens). Set aside while you chop the rest of the veggies. Combine the rest of the ingredients with the cabbage. Serves 2-4

Rainbow Salad:

Mixed greens

1 orange bell pepper diced

1/2 large beet slivered

Slivered radishes (to taste)

2 stalks celery thinly sliced

1 large carrot julienned

cherry tomatoes halved

Dress with olive oil, apple cider vinegar and hemp seeds.


Lemon mint banger

6 apples

8 carrots

4 collard leaves

2 handfuls fresh mint

2 handfuls dandelion, alfalfa or other wild greens

1 lemon

Chop and juice in a Greenstar juicer or other no heat juicer or blend in a vitamix and strain through a nut milk bag, muslin cloth, or strainer.

Forest green juice

3 cups fresh wheatgrass (grown indoors or wild harvested)

1 apple

1 pear

1/4-1/2 cup pine or fir needles

Blend in a vitamix, Strain in a nut milk bag and serve.


Hannas Happy Healthy Hearty Cookies:

2 Cups oat groats (blend into a flour with the dry container of your vitamix or use a coffee grinder)

3/4 cups raisins

1/4 cup

dried cranberries

8-10 dates

1/2 cup chia seeds

2 apples 1-2 t cinnamon

1 t vanilla

1/2 t salt

1/4 t almond extract

3/4 cup walnuts

2T honey

Chop walnuts, dates and apples in a food processor . In a bowl, combine mixture with the other ingredients until thoroughly mixed. Form into cookie shapes on dehydrator trays and dehydrate for 1-2 hours on 140 then turn down to 115 for 3-4 more hours.

Native New Mexico wild herbal medicines for winter

by Jesse Boudreau

Jesse’s native New Mexican wild plant medicines for health through winter and how to prepare and use them: (Yarrow, Mullein, Osha, mushrooms)


Yarrow is excellent for the Blood. If you ever have a wound simply mash fresh yarrow in your mouth or apply dried yarrow to it. It works like an herbal band aid. Yarrow often keeps some of its fresh green leaf on through the winter. Dried and steeped in hot water it makes an excellent and tonifying tea. Good for alleviating fever as well as combating the flu.


Mullein is a large candlestick with the yellow flowers and soft leaves.The tea is good for digestive ailments. As a wash the tea is excellent for skin problems like rashes or wounds. The vapors from a strong fresh leaf tea is excellent for congestion.


Osha has been used by indigenous peoples as well as the Spanish settlers as a cure all. It has strong antiviral properties and is excellent for combating cold or flu if taken when first symptoms start. It is particularly good for respiratory ailments. One may eat the leaves or pick and dry them for the winter. Most of the medicine is in the root. Eat the root fresh or dry and use as a powder or as a tea. One can also chop up the root and infuse it in honey. This will preserve the osha as well as impart the plants medicine into the honey.(warning: osha looks alot like hemlock which is deadly poisonous so only harvest it with someone who knows the plant well)

Polypore mushrooms

Polypore mushrooms like the wood conk that grows on live trees in the mountains of northern new mexico has adaptogenic, anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties. This means that they are good for combating disease and tonifying the system. Make a tea by boiling for 1-2 hours(decoction). Also excellent for maintaining an ember for fire.