Bio photons, electricity in the body, and “chi” in raw food

by Jesse Boudreau

In mainstream western rationalist existence we grow up learning a scant amount of information about how to feed and care for our bodies. We behave, as a culture, as if the body is like a machine that needs fuel and  liquid and that as long you have  solid and liquid fuel with the right amount of nutrients, minerals and chemical compounds you are getting what you need. We regard our food as a lifeless, personality-less, mass of fuel. However, if we look at the world’s ancient cultures we see that our ancestors understood that the plants and animals that become our food are imbued with life, personality, and spirit and that by eating with respectfulness we are absorbing their energies for our continuance.

Chinese character for chi

 Everything in existence emits electromagnetism and carries a subtle electrical current within it. In 1939 Semyon Kirlian developed a method of photography whereby he could photograph the electricity or bio photons that living cells utilize for regulation of biological functions. The ancient Chinese understood this energy to be the chi or life force that animated creation. Indeed we are electrical beings. According to the heart math scientists at Stanford university, our hearts are electromagnetic dynamos that pump out subtle electrical fields far beyond our physical bodies. The heart also relies on electricity to beat. Our brains are  highly electrical organs. Cells utilize electricity to communicate with one another, for cell growth and more.

Raw organic plant foods, and especially raw wild foods, being essentially encapsulated solar energy are high in this electricity. They are also high in water, nutrients, minerals, and enzymes. This is made starkly evident when comparing kirlian photographs of raw foods to cooked foods. The raw foods are buzzing with electricity and the energy in the cooked foods is obviously diminished.

The Chinese believed  that this chi imparted brightness and clarity of thought. I believe this to be true because eating raw food has greatly helped me in this regard.  I believe  all people can use raw plant diets as a tool to recover from both physical and mental dis- ease as well as to achieve a state of health, longevity, and happiness. This simple act of self-love can help us have the creative energy we will need to better ourselves and thereby transform our world.