Upcoming events at our Permaculture Playground in Chimayo, NM.

For more info Please Call Jesse or Johanna at 575-613-5514 or send an email to Space is limited. Click here for driving directions.

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September 27 10am-2pm Fall Fermentation and food storage workshop. Come learn methods to create wild, probiotic, veggie ferments, mana breads, medicinal meads, dried fruit, veggie chips, and snacks, as well as green powders and other high vibe shelf stable, wild foods.

September 29 & 30 10am-4pm FREE! Cob building workshop. Come learn cob building, have vegetarian lunch, and spend time with our community. Play in the mud with creative hands to help get our roof up before snow flies!

October 4 10am-2pm Medicinal Sacred Cacao workshop. Come learn how to make herbal tonic and aphrodisiac chocolates. Chant your love prayers into some herbal tonic love medicine for that special loved one!

October 7 10am-2pm Ayurveda, nutrition, and herbalism workshop. Join us for a discussion exploring the Ayurvedic dosha types, tri-doshic recipes, and learn skills to attune and balance ones individual mind and body by understanding elemental influences. Tea and lunch provided.

October 14 10am-2pm Herbal medicine making. Who is the herbalist in your household? Gather up the kitchen alchemist skill set to create your own herbal teas, decoctions, tinctures and salves.

October 20 4pm-8pm Drumming for health! The ancient african remedy for depression is drumming, dancing, community, and sunshine. Come join us for an afternoon of all of the above followed by a vital african vegetarian dinner.



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4 thoughts on “Events

  1. I would have loved to make the mushroom hunt buy can’t make it that weekend. Please let me know if you have another one. My husband and I would definitely be interested.

    • Thank you for your interest Bertha! Please send us an email and you will be added to our class notification group. That way you will hear about it first through email every time we post a class.

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