Meditation: Natural health management for the integrated human collective consciousness

 By Jesse Boudreau

The global trend of competitive, capitalistic, corporate culture that has dominated the consciousness of this  planet has resulted in profound environmental, economic, and individual stress. Stress in any complex system  ultimately leads to the degeneration of that system. In our own bodies we see a reflection of the effects of that stress in the form of migraine headaches, heart disease, cancer. etc.

Perhaps, by looking at our brains and our nervous systems we can find the root cause of stress as well as the antidote to stress itself. Our brains are Bilateral and have two symmetrical hemispheres. The right hemisphere is said to be connected to intuition and creativity whereas the left hemisphere is connected to reasoning and logic.The Brain is connected to a bundle of nerves that run up and down the spine. This whole system is called the autonomic nervous system and is composed of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is connected to stress and our fight or flight response to stress. The parasympathetic is connected to states of calm and well-being.

It is easy to see that as a connected whole, these seemingly opposed systems of nerves and neurons within us give us the advantage of having different tools for dealing with different situations. It would be appropriate to spring into flight if a mountain lion started chasing you. Similarly one would need to have experiences of security and calm to counter balance that experience. Also, having the combined use of intuition and reason gives one the evolutionary advantage of greater brain function and mental clarity

In a society that values and relies on competition and reductionist reasoning, we as individuals entrain our neural pathways to stress and rarely to states of calm. One great way to regain balance and full functioning of our brains is to meditate. This can be done completely free of any religious context. Meditation is simply taking a few minutes a day to sit still and erect, relax and to breath in and out.

Meditation has been clinically shown to increase air flow to the lungs, blood flow, serotonin production and higher electrical activity within the brain. It also reduces PMS symptoms and decreases high blood pressure, muscular tension, and free radical damage. Meditation also harmonizes your endocrine system, enhances immunity, and increases energy and orderly brain function. Basically, It’s like flexing your parasympathetic nervous system. It’s simple and free. Just pick a quiet spot (perhaps outside) sit still and just breathe.

In the field of neural science it has been found that the neurons that fire together wire together. By entraining our inner minds to peaceful states our ability to experience those states more often will increase.So, by flexing that parasympathetic part of our mind it will become easier and easier to find those states of calm and happiness.

Recently, quantum mechanics has brought to light that our brains effect the atomic world with which we are entangled. We therefore have the responsibility to take care of our minds and the thoughts we are broadcasting. By experiencing these states more often we will be quantum broadcasting that intention of calm and peace into creation. When we meet with others that peace will ring through on the quantum level making the probability of peace on earth possible.

Sun foods, living water, and opening your third eye

by Jesse Boudreau

Over the course of history the human species has been undergoing a steady physical and spiritual degeneration as we have grown farther and farther away from our natural state and our connection to our natural environment. Anthropologists have noted this and call it the gracilization of the species. Our ancestors 20,000 years ago had larger brains and more robust skulls and skeletons than we do today.

Ancient people surely drank clean, structured, untreated, pure spring and stream water and ate a large quantity of raw wild foods. In contrast, today’s human drinks recycled sewer water that has been treated with chlorine and fluoride and, through mechanical and chemical processes, is denuded  of its inherent crystalline purity. The foods we eat are similarly processed with high heat, mechanical processes, and chemical pesticides, preservatives and additives. Dr. Weston Price observed this first hand when he studied indigenous cultures who had adopted refined and processed foods. He found that their teeth began to rot and their health deteriorated from this change in diet. The lifestyle we have adopted as modern humans has had the effect of domestication and degeneration of ourselves.

Through calcification, chlorination, fluoridation, mercury fillings, and the host of toxic chemicals in the environment, a physical change in the human species is occurring. One thing these constituents bring about is the calcification of the pineal gland in the human brain. The pineal gland is a gland in the center of our brain that is responsible for attuning to the cyclical, circadian rhythms of nature. It reacts to light and color and in some reptiles has a cornea and a lens. Rene Descartes believed it to be the seat of the soul and religious traditions the world over regarded it as the third eye of spiritual awakening. Between 1990 and 1996 Dr Rick Strassman completed a study of the naturally occurring and ever-present chemical compound call DMT or N,N-dimethyltryptamine. He posited that endogenous DMT, released from the pineal gland was responsible for spontaneous visions, mystical states, dreams, and near death experiences. Currently cell phone manufacturing companies are studying the micro crystalline structures of the pineal gland in their research on wireless communication as it is believed that the pineal gland acts as a sort of electromagnetic transmitter/receiver.

It seems clear that our modern lifestyle inhibits the function of this important little gland. Luckily there are many ways to break up the calcification of the pineal gland. The method is in the wisdom of our grandmothers. Fresh air, sunlight, clean water, healthful foods, and exercise are some of the best ways to break up this calcification. Oxygenation increases blood flow and metabolism and enlivens the cells enabling spinal fluid, lymph and other bodily juices to flow. One great way to oxygenate the body is meditation or yoga. Also, there are places on the earth that have exceptionally good oxygen. Good clean oxygen is high in negative ions. Negative ions grab dust and junk out of the air with static electricity. Mountain tops, beaches, and places where water is in dynamic movement are all places where one can get readily available ionized oxygen.  Another way to oxygenate the blood is through exercise. Pick your favorite sport and play!

Sunlight is another great way to break up calcification of the pineal gland. Since the pineal gland is sensitive to light, full spectrum light or sunlight can stimulate it. One way to get great sunlight is to sungaze at sunrise or at sunset.  Our ancestors would observe sunrise and sunset with reverence for the day. In the first or last hour of daylight the suns rays are attenuated by the oblique angle at which the sunlight is hitting the earth. This makes the sunlight safe to gaze at if done properly. Begin with 10 seconds and everyday increase your gazing by 10 more seconds until you reach 5 minutes. Some suggest gazing up to 45 minutes. For more information on the subject google H.R.M. He is an engineer and spiritual seeker from India. He posits that the body can utilize solar energy as food. According to his philosophy solar energy is a primary source of energy and raw plant foods are secondary solar energy. Plants convert solar energy into food and enable the plant to grow. Animals then are a third stage of solar energy as they eat plants and other animals to sustain their energy. Therefore eating raw plant foods is a way to obtain this energy in a more direct way.

Raw foods and tonic herbs can play a role in decalcification as well. They contain chemical compounds and a high water content which can neutralize and excrete toxins and calcification. Raw foods are also high in living water which leads us to another and perhaps the greatest decalcifier: fresh living water in foods and living spring water. Fresh spring water from forests is ultra purified crystalline water that has incubated in an aquifer for hundreds or thousands of years. Water is an incredibly hungry solvent and can clean your body free of unwanted bad calcium build ups such as the calcification of the pineal gland as well as bone spurs, arthritis, and other calcification related issues. Be sure to check that the spring has a low TDS count. TDS stands for “Total dissolved Solids” and indicates how calcified or mineralized the water is. For more information go to where you can search for springs in your area or google Daniel Vitalis and spring water to learn more. These tools or technologies are free or cheap to implement and lead to greater health and vitality as well as attuning your spirit to a higher potential. But don’t just believe me… Please research and try these methods for yourself and experience the transformation first hand. Take charge of your health!