Sacred Water’s Alchemical Nature

By Jesse Boudreau

In this day in age, people regard water as simply a chemical amalgamation necessary for life. It is thought that chemically treated or “purified” water is all that is needed to insure the quality of water. However, scientists are learning more and more about the quasi magical properties of water and its relationship to our health.
Water is the only element that can exist in three states; solid, liquid and gas. Water is also the most powerful solvent on the earth. Water has crystalline properties that computer scientists are researching to replace the silicon crystals because water has a greater capacity to store information. It’s a lot like a magnetic recording device.
Dr. Masaru Emoto studied the effects of words, sounds, and intentions on water. In his studies he would  freeze water with specific intentions in the form of words, thoughts, and music. He found that there was a direct relationship between the quality of the intention and the formation of crystals. Positive intentions created beautiful crystal formations, and negative intentions created amorphous irregular crystal formations.  Now take into account the fact that we ourselves are made of mostly water. The Human body is made of 50%- 80% water. It is no wonder people are baptized in “holy water”.  Water is after all, the source from which all life springs. The work of Dr. Emoto would give us good reason to be careful what we say and project on to others and to ourselves.

We are composed of mostly water and the water we drink becomes our blood in a manner of seconds. Considering that water is a powerful solvent, one could see that recycling our waste water (chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cleansers, and everything flushed down the toilet) through harsh mechanical and chemical treatment might not get the trace elements and chemical byproducts out of the water. Furthermore, it destructures and denatures the water we are composed of. Fluoride and chlorine, two toxic and calcifying substances, are added to the public water systems under the auspices of hygiene and dental supplementation. However, these substances only further denature and pollute our water and our bodies. Reverse osmosis water is so pure that it actually leaches minerals and trace elements out of the body. Even the world health organization has recognized the dangers of drinking reverse osmosis water.

One brilliant scientist, Victor Schauberger understood the mysterious power of water. He watched water and observed that water cleans itself though vortices. In a vortex water molecules are spun and restructured. Trace elements are spun off and the water is re-enlivened. He noticed through his observation of water that all life exists through reciprocal systems and that vortices were the structure of such systems. Be it; water in a steam, a tornado or hurricane, or the electromagnetic toroidal field of the earth.

So, what does one do? Tap water is laced with chemical compounds and reverse osmosis water is bad for you. If using tap water use a Berkey filter or other passive filtration to pull some of the unwanted stuff out of the water while retaining the beneficial properties. Then, spin the water into a vortex and say a word of appreciation. Lemon juice also helps to alkalize and balance our water. If using reverse osmosis water, similarly spin the water and give thanks to it but also add a small amount of “sole” made with Himalayan salt for mineralization. Always keep water in glass or ceramic containers so as not to leach plastics and petrochemicals in to it. The water can also be placed in the sun to structure it further. In Europe water is cleaned with ozone which has no toxic effects. There are many solutions but ultimately spring water and well water are the most natural, structured, probiotic and mineralized sources of water. Visit to locate a spring in your area.


Native New Mexico wild herbal medicines for winter

by Jesse Boudreau

Jesse’s native New Mexican wild plant medicines for health through winter and how to prepare and use them: (Yarrow, Mullein, Osha, mushrooms)


Yarrow is excellent for the Blood. If you ever have a wound simply mash fresh yarrow in your mouth or apply dried yarrow to it. It works like an herbal band aid. Yarrow often keeps some of its fresh green leaf on through the winter. Dried and steeped in hot water it makes an excellent and tonifying tea. Good for alleviating fever as well as combating the flu.


Mullein is a large candlestick with the yellow flowers and soft leaves.The tea is good for digestive ailments. As a wash the tea is excellent for skin problems like rashes or wounds. The vapors from a strong fresh leaf tea is excellent for congestion.


Osha has been used by indigenous peoples as well as the Spanish settlers as a cure all. It has strong antiviral properties and is excellent for combating cold or flu if taken when first symptoms start. It is particularly good for respiratory ailments. One may eat the leaves or pick and dry them for the winter. Most of the medicine is in the root. Eat the root fresh or dry and use as a powder or as a tea. One can also chop up the root and infuse it in honey. This will preserve the osha as well as impart the plants medicine into the honey.(warning: osha looks alot like hemlock which is deadly poisonous so only harvest it with someone who knows the plant well)

Polypore mushrooms

Polypore mushrooms like the wood conk that grows on live trees in the mountains of northern new mexico has adaptogenic, anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties. This means that they are good for combating disease and tonifying the system. Make a tea by boiling for 1-2 hours(decoction). Also excellent for maintaining an ember for fire.