Zia’s Permaculture Design Certificate

Schedule and info:


September 4-15 2017

This will be our 2nd Permaculture Design Course of 2017! After the 12 years of practice since my PDC training we feel like we had something genuine and powerful to share and now here it is. Our PDC will be unique in that it will be an immersive practicum where the theoretical design principles will be grounded into an all aspects lifestyle incorporating gardening, building, beekeeping, herbalism, diet, fermentation, composting, foraging, self care, meditation and intention. Our intention is to engrain nature’s patterns, rhythms, and ways into daily life as well as to impart the design strategies of permaculture to heal and take care of the land. We intend to provide our participants with a rich experience of the meaningfulness of natural living while providing real world skills for health, business, relationships, and self empowerment. This is an 88 hour course aimed at providing a real world skill set.


Zia Permaculture Farm


9/4 -Day 1

Opening Blessing with Katrina Blair and Tyler VanGemert

Orientation/ farm tour

Wild and farm fresh lunch

Set up camp/ free time to socialize and connect

Permaculture overview


9/5 Day 2

Permaculture Design class

Forage/ harvest/ lunch

Free time

Permaculture Design continued

Gardening practicum “Biointensive planting”


Foraging class

9/6 Day 3

Foraging and Observation Forray in the Sangre De Cristo mountains with wild lunch followed by an evening of relaxation at Ojo Caliente mineral hot springs.

*Note: please bring cash if you wish to eat dinner at Ojo Caliente. Entrance to the springs is included in the 10 day course fee but not for single day ticket holders.

9/7 Day 4

Nutrition and herbalism: Ayurveda, Alchemy, TCM, Five flavors

Forage/Harvest/ Lunch

Herbal Medicine making, Spiritual nutrition, and Herbalism in garden design


9/8 Day 5

Natural building class

Forage/harvest/ lunch

Practicum Cob building (cottage and/or rocket stove)


Weekend off


9/11 -Day 6

Dryland permaculture: techniques, plants, examples

Forage/ harvest/ lunch

Site visit

Rainwater harvesting techniques and watershed management


9/12 Day 7

Food storage and Preparation: lacto-fermentation, solar drying, soaking and sprouting

Forage/harvest/ lunch

Mushroom cultivation techniques


9/13 Day 8

Top bar Beekeeping

Forage/ Harvest/ Lunch

Biodynamics: Rudolf Steiner and alchemical gardening


9/14 Day 9

Permaculture Design project in teams

forage/harvest/ lunch

Permaculture design project continued


9/15 Day 10

Design project presentations

Forage/harvest/ lunch

Closing ceremony and certificate presentation/ party

Tear down camp

  • Required Textbooks: An Introduction to Permaculture by Bill Mollison,
  • Suggested textbooks: Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands, vol.1 by Brad Landcaster, Botany in a Day by Thomas Elpel


Jesse  and Johanna Boudreau


Jesse began learning about botany and foraging from a young age from his step-father Charles Keller. After studying anthropology, music, Buddhist philosophy, and ethnobotany at the University of New Mexico Jesse started a small mushroom growing business and market garden with his wife, her sister and brother in law. Jesse also attended Ecoversity, an expanded permaculture school where he learned permaculture design from Scott Pittman and Joel Glanzberg. After mentoring with various master gardeners he started a permaculture gardening business installing waterwise and native/edible foodscapes in the Santa Fe area for the period of about 11 years. After experiencing food allergies Jesse and his wife, Johanna, began a journey of study and healing through nutrition and herbalism.

Johanna grew up learning the plants to die wool for weaving and to make paints, She has home-birthed, homeschooled and raised her family with homeopathy and herbalism. Both Jesse and Johanna are currently studying herbalism at the School of Evolutionary Herbalism. They have been self-learning, working and teaching together for about 15 years and are currently co-authoring their first book. They live in Chimayo where they practice permaculture, foraging, homesteading and homeschooling. 

Katrina Blair

Katrina Blair

Katrina Blair began studying wild plants in her teens when she camped out alone for a summer to focus on eating wild foods.  She later wrote “The Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants of the San Juan Mountains” for her senior project at Colorado College.  In 1997 she completed a MA at John F Kennedy University in Orinda, CA in Holistic Health Education.  She founded Turtle Lake Refuge in 1998, a non-profit, whose mission is to celebrate the connection between personal health and wild lands. Turtle Lake Refuge is a wild harvested, locally grown and living foods café and sustainable education center for the community.  Katrina teaches sustainable living practices and wild edible and medicinal classes locally and globally.  She is author of a book titled “Local Wild Life- Turtle Lake Refuge’s Recipes for Living Deep” and “ The Wild Wisdom of Weeds: 13 Essential Plants for Human Survival” published by Chelsea Green 2014.

Tyler VanGemert


Environmental Biologist, Acupuncturist, and Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine, Tyler VanGemert LAc uses elements of both eastern and western traditions to facilitate transformative, interactive classes. Methods include Functional medicine, herbalism, Qi Gong healing, Tai Chi for health and meditation to name a few. As founder of Mountain Medicine Acupuncture, Tyler teaches the practice of wellness to empower everyone to realize wellbeing in their lives. You can reach him by calling 970.247.1233 and by emailing MountainMedicine@Ymail.com or feel free to explore his website: http://www.mountainmedicineacupuncture.com.

Total cost for the Zia Energetics permaculture design certificate including camping is $1333. The farm has a composting toilet, an outdoor kitchen, as well as a private solar shower for camping guests. If you seek accommodations otherwise, the cost is $1111. For anyone not camping, our cousins own a small Inn nearby. Click here for info: http://www.innatchimayo.com/ .

To register for the course click here: Registration

or call 575-613-6158 to discuss payment options

Tuition is non refundable unless you have a serious personal or family emergency. Some work trade options exist call to inquire.