Meditation: Natural health management for the integrated human collective consciousness

 By Jesse Boudreau

The global trend of competitive, capitalistic, corporate culture that has dominated the consciousness of this  planet has resulted in profound environmental, economic, and individual stress. Stress in any complex system  ultimately leads to the degeneration of that system. In our own bodies we see a reflection of the effects of that stress in the form of migraine headaches, heart disease, cancer. etc.

Perhaps, by looking at our brains and our nervous systems we can find the root cause of stress as well as the antidote to stress itself. Our brains are Bilateral and have two symmetrical hemispheres. The right hemisphere is said to be connected to intuition and creativity whereas the left hemisphere is connected to reasoning and logic.The Brain is connected to a bundle of nerves that run up and down the spine. This whole system is called the autonomic nervous system and is composed of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is connected to stress and our fight or flight response to stress. The parasympathetic is connected to states of calm and well-being.

It is easy to see that as a connected whole, these seemingly opposed systems of nerves and neurons within us give us the advantage of having different tools for dealing with different situations. It would be appropriate to spring into flight if a mountain lion started chasing you. Similarly one would need to have experiences of security and calm to counter balance that experience. Also, having the combined use of intuition and reason gives one the evolutionary advantage of greater brain function and mental clarity

In a society that values and relies on competition and reductionist reasoning, we as individuals entrain our neural pathways to stress and rarely to states of calm. One great way to regain balance and full functioning of our brains is to meditate. This can be done completely free of any religious context. Meditation is simply taking a few minutes a day to sit still and erect, relax and to breath in and out.

Meditation has been clinically shown to increase air flow to the lungs, blood flow, serotonin production and higher electrical activity within the brain. It also reduces PMS symptoms and decreases high blood pressure, muscular tension, and free radical damage. Meditation also harmonizes your endocrine system, enhances immunity, and increases energy and orderly brain function. Basically, It’s like flexing your parasympathetic nervous system. It’s simple and free. Just pick a quiet spot (perhaps outside) sit still and just breathe.

In the field of neural science it has been found that the neurons that fire together wire together. By entraining our inner minds to peaceful states our ability to experience those states more often will increase.So, by flexing that parasympathetic part of our mind it will become easier and easier to find those states of calm and happiness.

Recently, quantum mechanics has brought to light that our brains effect the atomic world with which we are entangled. We therefore have the responsibility to take care of our minds and the thoughts we are broadcasting. By experiencing these states more often we will be quantum broadcasting that intention of calm and peace into creation. When we meet with others that peace will ring through on the quantum level making the probability of peace on earth possible.


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